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NYC-based - Booking Worldwide


the Flambeaux firestars


High-end, fully-customized fire shows for indoor events and outdoor parties  

Fire Spectacle

We create full theatrical fire spectacles all the way through to managing solo performers but whatever the booking, you always get safe fire artistry miles beyond the norm, with hand-sculpted wearable art pieces, up-scalable flaming sculptures/props, scripts/storylines, environmental firescapes and fire choreography and there is always an innate sense of the epic that will be remembered for a lifetime. 

We guarantee it and honor our commitment to it.

Experience and Know-How

Flambeaux Fire has innovated for 20 years, and so has the experience to bring unique pyro-production techniques and systems to your corporate event to make fire-art in tried-&-tested ways that have been developed with professionals and Fire Departments and live on jobs in our repertoire of countless Galas, Product Launches, Birthdays, Red Carpet Events, Bar/Bat-mitvahs, Resort and Casinos, Commercials, Grand Entrances, Film & TV shoots that we have accomplished over the last 15 years. 

We work with you as our clients to create maximum excitement and impact! There is no end to new ideas on how to present fire. We know it and so we do not advertise on general performer-sourcing websites. Only here.


Owned by legendary pyro-artist Flambeaux - the original Burning Man - who’s 33-year fireshow career has seen him transform from a Scottish gypsy of fire into a celebrity performer/personality in the mainstream worlds of TV, stadium and stage. He has now produced, directed and inspired a new generation of the best fire artists - the 'Fire Stars'  - hot fearless men and strong, sexy fire-showgirls, whom he now represents professionally & offers as the stars for your show bookings.

Safety and Legality

Based in New York City and producing globally, Flambeaux Fire guarantees safety and has worked with fire departments worldwide. Fully-insured and permitted, we handle the legality and liability needed to cover your event. Flambeaux has leveraged his lengthy career and landmark experience to co-create a licensing and legal accountability system with FDNY that is the first of it’s kind - which he now administers as an official E28 pyrotechnic theater producer. 

Creative Fire

With the work of Fire Star teammates Joules Magus (creative/costumes/choreography), Charles Zobel (management/tech/flare) Evgeniya Radilova (direction/network/film) and many more, world-record holder Chris Flambeaux has created a powerhouse of fire-working ingenuity. Flambeaux Firestars is the only fire company who hand-makes all of their own innovative art, artistic concepts, sets, costumes, and wearable fire-pieces - making sure that it's shows and expressions are different and unique. 

Our CUSTOMIZED tools, props & techniques include...

Fire Headpieces, Fire Poi, Fire Fans, Fire Showgirl Fans, Fire Hula Hoop (and double), Fire Breathing, Lycopodium Wands, Fire Hip Belt, Fire Sword, Fire Lines, Fire Mohawk, Fire Wings, Fire Ariel Sun, Fire Lyra, Fire Horse (full-size), Fire Eating, Fire Swan, Fire Cage, Fire Knife, Fire Double Staff, Dragonstaff, Fire Whips, Fire Shoulders, Fire Hoop, etc

Business & Spirit

From the most-watched daily and nightly TV shows in the US to the house parties and club nights of 'A List' celebrities, Flambeaux Fire was the first to provide fire shows and spectacles to the corporate and mainstream worlds - and now aims high towards what is possible to create today.

But throughout it all runs one theme: the primal and intrinsically human fascination for FIRE, and the spirit that it connects us to when we encounter, control or interact with it.